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Re: [APD] Re: water sprite temperatures

Not trying to pass myself off as a taxonomist. However, I
believe that the name "sillquosa" is from Rataj & Horeman
for the fine leaf sprite but it's not clear if they were,
in fact, distinguishing what is C. thalicatroides from C.
cornuta, which they might possibly have called "pteroides."

The plant with the very fine, Cabomba-ish leaves, has not,
afaik, been formally classified as a diff species from C.

Definitely there are 3 distinct plants: thin, thinner, and
not so thin plus the very tough leaf version that I believe
is C. pteroides. Which gives us possibly three species: 
C. thalictroides (with thin and thinner)
C. cornuta (rounder and not so thin) and
C. pteroides and, actually (or possibly) two more,

richardii and gaudichaudii but I don't think these lat two
show up in the hobby.

C. pteroides is usually identified as a broader or rounder
leaf, which I take to be the much larger leafed plant from
South America. I can affirm that it does like to spend
several weeks in transit.

I'm not sure if the name "sillquosa" is still in use.

Even with pics, it can be hard to distinguish some
"examples" of these from the others.

Erik saved some good summary discussion about this (from
way back in 1998) on thekrib.com:


Sometimes, ostension (in the secular sense) is the best
method of referring ;-) .

have plants, be confused, have fun anyway,
Scott H.

--- "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> wrote:
> >C. cornuta is what is commonly available in the lfss in
> my
> >neck of the woods, and C. thalictroides is actually
> harder
> >to come by. However, I imagine this varies from place to
> >place.
> What happened to the C. sillquosa (sp?) name for the fine
> leaved
> one?


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