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Re: [APD] Water Sprite blues

At 07:46 PM 5/14/2005 EDT, you wrote:
>I have talked to many folks about my problems growing watersprite.   They 
>seem to have no difficulty with it in hard water, soft water, any pH,  cool, 
>warm, or whatever.  But watersprite hates me.  I have great  swords,
crypts, val, 
>and others, but no matter what I do, the watersprite just  barely survives for 
>awhile, then turns mushy and dies.  I have well water,  pH 7.8, hardness 160 
>ppm, but I have also tried it in my rainwater tank, where  it lasts longer, 
>but eventually dies anyway.  Any suggestions?  I like  all the varities.

Intense light. I can turn a leaf into a foot tall plant in about two
weeks but only under intense light.

In less brighly lit tanks it will only grow floating for me.


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