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[APD] big algea problem

Hi to all 

I have a  100liter  aquarium with the following specs:
- external filter Ehiem Ecco 
- 4 flouresent tubes 18 watts each ( 2x 10000K ; 2x 56000K)
-Co2 fertilisation - yeast method connected with a needle vave then to the ehiem CO2 diffuser
- gravel mixed with flourite 

The nitrogen cycle was already reached because the aquarium has been runnig for some months now.
Until last friday I had few plants  (survivors of the first algae wave) and the algae problem seemed that had been solved.
Last friday I heavily planted the aquarium and seemed to be perfect because from all new plants were coming out tiny bubbles
>From last week till today not all plants are producing bubbles anymore and the algae it is already showing everywhere; on the leaves and the aquarium walls and on the gravel.
All changes I did in this week were:-.
cleaned the filter media 
added NPK ferlilizer and iron fertilizer
switched on the 4 tubes instead of 2 only as i was doing before. (12 hours daily)

Could someone give some tips to eliminate this algae problem please or identify what I am doing wrong?.

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