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Re: [APD] Re: Red Cabomba

>It's an easy plant to grow given room, NO3 and CO2, it should go nuts, like
growing around 1
>" per day.
>It's a weed.
>Give it time and add enough CO2/KNO3, it should do well.

Mine got a big of a chill. I wasn't going to make the Meganerie
by 5:30 one saturday three weeks ago so I asked them to put a bunch 
of this outside for me in the mailbox and they did but half an
hour in barely above freezing weather seemed to knock it back
a bit, it looked dead when I got it really, but there is new
red growth at the tips. Does it like watr or cold or don't care?

I'm throwing away pounds of abulia daily. My Crypy. grabowski is
finally taken off and Rotala meganta is doing well. The cabomba is
in that sanme area and should be doing better than it is I suspect;
I'm hoping it was just knocked back by the coild a bit. Some of it
it rooting.


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