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I think I have a handle on this now...I will check the
Gh/Kh (we are using R/O buffered W/ an amazon formula
trace mix) and a few other odds and ends and repost. I
actually have had many, many planted tanks (although I
probably sound like an idiot as far as the chemistry
goes- my memory is horrible for that!) and rarely had
any troubles because they were easy to maintain dirt
tanks that were allowed to go "wild" (somewhere I have
pictures of my 55 with 6 different kinds of flowers
poking out of it) with the plants breaking the surface
(and I assume taking atmospheric CO2 at that point?)
and flowering regularly. I have also grown glosso (too
much work!) and a few other "difficult" plants
successfully in a DIY CO2 tank- I just have more
experience w/ swords, apongetons, lilys and marsh type
plants because I preferred them, as did my various
gouramis. I guess I am just a bit nervous because
literally thousands of dollars of someone else's
fish/plants will be at stake if I screw up...I can
cull my Apistogramma fry no problem but when it is a
new business w/ everything riding on how good
freshwater sales are I get a bit worried and second
guess myself. This project means a lot to me because
if it is a success it will be the first opportunity
for Cape Cod hobbyists to find a great selection of
true aquatic plants and rare fish without having to
travel off-Cape to do so.
P.S. Thanks Tom for your advice...I would be lost
without you and all of the other knowledgeable,
helpful folk on this list :)

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