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OK...I had forgotten about excel being carbonate, but
it would be rather expensive to provide 13 1/2 square
footage of plants w/ enough excel so it basically
isn't an option anyway. I guess what I need to do is
brush up on my chemistry a bit (which I have intended
to do but simply haven't had time) and keep careful
records until I have it figured out...I had just hoped
someone else had seen/done something like this before
and could give me a few pointers on it. We will be
stocking the fish system lightly this week (having
already done a fishless cycle) and will have the plant
system on line and stocked hopefully be the end of the
following week. Using R/O to set up the systems and
dosing fish traces, plant traces and ferts (these when
plants are added) so at least it should be easier to
determine some things. There are long term plans for a
green house to propagate both plants and corals...but
that won't be until next year...good thing because
this may take a bit of doing to figure out.
Thanks, Sandi

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