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[APD] Re: Lighting temps


The answers to your lighting questions can be found on Sanjay Roshi's web site. I 
don't have the URL, but if you do a search on Sanjay and lighting, it should come up. 
He has done hard research on lights( metal halide) and the amount of light given out 
when used with different ballasts. The outcome is very interesting. His work was done 
with marines in mind, but it equally applies to planted tanks. The surprising results 
were that the higher temp of the bulbs gave out predominantly more blue, which 
faded over time i.e. less blue light was emitted after 10 months, however the overall 
performance of the bulbs light output was relatively unaffected and as such wasn't 
worth replacing. I recommend you visit his site and see for yourself.

Tim Henshaw
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