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Re: [APD] Yeast CO2 in 55 gal tank

Those vinyl and similar plastic caps don't have the polar
molecules that make for a good bond. Liquid Nails works
pretty good but you have to let it fully cure so all those
nasty fumes go away.

Epoxy doesn't adhere especially well, but it gt so darn
hard, it tends to stay put.

Scott H.
--- Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net> wrote:
> I have used "gloop", which is an adhesive in a tube,
> usually sold where 
> the various epoxies are sold in the hardware store, and
> it worked well, 
> but is pretty slow curing.  Also, I found that hot melt
> glue  works ok 
> too.  Neither really makes a solid mechanical bond to
> those plastic 
> caps, so you can pretty easily pry the glue off, but they
> do seal well 
> and hold well enough.  The hot melt glue gun method is
> certainly the 
> easiest and fastest.

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