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Re: [APD] Yeast CO2 in 55 gal tank

I have used "gloop", which is an adhesive in a tube, usually sold where the various epoxies are sold in the hardware store, and it worked well, but is pretty slow curing. Also, I found that hot melt glue works ok too. Neither really makes a solid mechanical bond to those plastic caps, so you can pretty easily pry the glue off, but they do seal well and hold well enough. The hot melt glue gun method is certainly the easiest and fastest.

On Friday, May 6, 2005, at 09:14 AM, Holly Wagner wrote:

Hi Everyone,

This subject has been done to death (I've searched the archives). But I'm still confused. After an absence of several years from planted tanks, I'm getting one going and thought I'd have no immediate need for CO2 so I'd have a month to save up for a pressurized system. Nope. A generous online retailer subbed glossostigma (spelling?) for Java moss--Yes! Totally true! So now I'm on a mission to save the gloss! I have bright light and need CO2. So I'm wondering about yeast as a temporary solution. I've tried yeast CO2 before but didn't have luck getting the silicone sealant to work with the plastic bottle caps. I've found some sources for fittings online but would rather get this set up this weekend if possible. Does anyone have any ideas how to form a good seal on a plastic bottle? Also, I'm trying to go as low-tech as possible in terms of a reactor. Does the bell method of diffusion work? What's the consensus on that?



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