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Re: [APD] Canadian retail

At 07:06 PM 5/5/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>On Thursday, May 5, 2005, at 06:15 PM, Richard J. Sexton wrote:
>> At 09:24 AM 5/5/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Building your own mylar reflector is certainly entertaining.  If  you
>>> have a table saw and a little skill using it you can make almost any
>>> shape using wood.  Sticking the mylar to the wood is a pain,
>> Urethane. Liquid nails. Any uretahen based adhesive will glue it 
>> permantently.
>> Silicone will not.
>The pain isn't the glue used, but the difficulties getting all of the 
>air bubbles out from under the mylar, and keeping them out as  you 
>scoot the mylar around on the wood form.  There are techniques that 
>work to do that, but they need some practice to apply, which I was too 
>dumb to do.

Maybe I was born with an innate sense of mylar-gluing but I didn't have any
toruble. I just squeegeed it, using those cheap plastic clamps every few inches.


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