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[APD] repost- need input for interesting concept

Hi all, I work in a LFS and we are installing 3
connected tanks to have our plant display in. The plan
is to run it post fish system utilizing the waste of
the fish for nitrate consumption of the plants. The
tanks are breeders, and will decend in size from a 65
to a 50 to a 40 w/ overflows that return the water
below the surface of each. and a final return in the
lowest tank that will "crash" out most of the CO2
which these tanks will be supplemented w/ and return
the water to the sump that supports our fish system.
The fish system is rather small; 6 20 gallon longs and
3 15s w/ a 30 gallon sump. The goal w/ this type of
system is to remove a good portion of the nitrates so
the fish system can be stocked rather heavily in order
to maximize space while providing the best possible
conditions for high demand plants like glosso.
Lighting at this point looks like it will be T5
suspended at varying heights (due to tank heights) and
presently it is all that has been planned- but the
numbers/watts of the bulbs has yet to be determined.
We are not concerned about CO2 loss as it is quite
cheap... however I have never done a system like this
before and haven't a clue as to where to begin as far
as numbers of ferts/CO2 go...any suggestions as far as
dosing or design would be great as the system has not
yet been built. Our fish system has been lightly
stocked for quite a while now and has been well
cycled, and I will be performing a large water change
w/ supplemented R/O each week.
Thanks for your thoughts on this...wish us luck!

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