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Re: [APD] Canadian retail

PS to Ben Hong - Sorry, I wasn't trying to be "rude" to you, but having been
involved in this hobby for so long, I've heard the line way too many times.
As Richard Sexton has pointed out, thinking outside the box (going to a
lighting distributor or a hardware store) can quite often get you what you
want rather than shopping exclusively at a LFS.

Understood, and no worries. Just for the record, that's exactly the logic I have been following. It is at hardware stores and such that I was looking. I turned to LFS' as a last resort. If I were looking for big bulbs, I would have had no problems. But I'm looking for 13 watt straight pins. That's the problem. Even among the small bulbs, they appear to be relatively rare. In fact, of all the sites you pointed out to me, none of them carried that configuration. So, as I said before, I'm going to the home lighting shop to pick up my 5 buck 2700k's.

Now the issue is building my own reflector. I've got the mylar. I don't have the patience for the physics..;)

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