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[APD] Plants available in Beaverton, OR

I have shut down my 72 gallon tank and brought all the plants
to the World of Wet Pets, a new (and very good) fish/plant store at
8542 SW Apple Way Beav-Hillsdale Hwy, phone 503-292-7946

Plants I brought in are:

Water Sprite
Rotala indica/rotundifolia (not sure which)
E tennelus
A nice mix of red E. tennelus and hairgrass
Lobelia cardinalis dwarf form
Hydrocotyl vulgaris
Didiplis diandra
Hottonia palustris
Val sp
2 echinodurus sp - sort of regular swords
1 echinodorus "tropica" type - stays small
Lysomachia numularia var aurea
baby tears micranthemum micranthemoides
willow hygro (H. salicifolia)

and maybe a few other things I've forgotten.

I am not connected with the store in any way other than having known
the owner for some time now. 


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