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RE: [APD] Re: Online Shopping in Canada

I'm not knocking Big Als -- just curious about the business

So, based on what Rick has said, the higher costs for
Canadians ordering on line is to protect the walk-in store

I always thought the added value related to walk-in lfss,
was being able to see the product, personal assistance from
the staff, instant acquistion of the product (no wait for
deliver), plus the fun of seeing all the plants and fish.

Anyway, if what you say is so, then the Canadian customers
ordering on-line are, in effect, subsidizing the walk-ins.
Now I know why James sometimes gets so gruff ;-)

Hmmmm. . . . .Well, can the Canadian folks at least get
Tropica plants?

--- Rick Engstrom <rick703 at mts_net> wrote:

> the reason for the higher prices is that Big Al's has no
> retail stores in
> the U.S but they do in Canada. They have to have the same
> or close the the
> same pricing as their retail operations for Canadian
> customers or who would
> bother going to the retail stores? They are or can be 5%
> cheaper than any
> other Canadian on line store such as Mops or J&L as Big
> Al's will match any
> other price for the identical item and reduce that price
> by a further 5% as
> well as ship for free if the order is more than $25 or
> $30.00.

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