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Re: [APD] GE 45W screw in compact fluorescent.

--- "Richard J. Sexton" <richard at aquaria_net> wrote:
> And they are BRIGHT. They have roughly the same luminous
> output as
> a 40 T12 tube, just in a different package. 

Well, given that a good portion of the sprial tube's light
is "wasted" shining on the spiral itself, it's probably not
as bright as a 40 watt straight tube on a similar ballast.
It is one of the problems with fitting a fluorescent bulb
in an incadescent fixture; it chews up the efficiency.

But those spiral flos are getting higher wattage all the
time, aren't they. I remember when a 18 watt was a rare
find and when finding anything over 28 watts was like
finding an honest game at a parkinglot carnival.

The amazing thing is that the electronic ballast is
included in the bulb (and included in the price of the
bulb) and is definitely a disposable item. Consider that
the next time someone suggest you pay $160 for an
electronic fluorescent ballast. :-) Some of these
inexpensive electronic ballasts re even dimmable and can
fit in the palm of your hand -- although what you would do
with a ballast in the palm of your hand, I have no idea.

Scott H.

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