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[APD] Was "Re: lighting temperature question" - but its now Online Shopping in Canada

Ben Hong wrote:
"The issue is that in this small canadian town the only twin tube 13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs I can find are 2700 K (for 4.95 CAD). I've tried online for ages, and most is available only through the States for a bit more in American dollars...but it's the shipping that is killer. Plus god knows what the duty will be. Hence, I'll take what I can get here, and it seems that it won't make much difference in the end."

That might have been true 20 years ago, but it isn't such a wasteland here in Canada any more. Try Pets & Ponds (http://www.petsandponds.com/securestore/) and also J&L Aquatics (http://www.jlaquatics.com/phpstore/store_pages/mainpage.php).

They are both here in Canada.

If you are looking for compact fluorescent fixtures, J&L can't be touched by any LFS in Toronto (especially Big Al's). Pets & Ponds prices on C/F are a tad higher but they ship at no charge on most orders over $200.00 in Canada. Their Eheim Classic Canister prices are excellent.

Here in Ontario, we have Mail Order Pet Supplies (http://www.mops.ca/), which has excellent customer service and a nice (but small) selection of products.

Thunder Bay Aquatics (http://www.members.shaw.ca/aquascapes/) will ship to any location in North America.

If you are interested in European imports, try Ottawa Aquatics (http://www.ottawaaquatics.com/index.htm). Robert Morrison (the owner) sells all kinds of plants (and is only too happy to special order anything you might be interested in but can't find locally). He also carries the full Dupla line (careful, some of the electronics are meant for European voltage and will require a converter to be used in North America. But he can get you the necessary converter for a relatively good price (under $30.00 CDN). He also carries Hobby products (Hobby bought Dupla a while back), and Aqualine Buschke/Aqua Medic products at VERY attractive prices - some lower (in Canadian Dollars) than I see on US based mail order outfits (in US Dollars). Mr Morrison is very concerned about customer service and is a pleasure to deal with.

So don't go crying that we can't get "deals" north of the border. You just have to know how to shop. And stay away from Big Al's Online - he's ripping off his Canadian customers with overinflated prices. (for example, Big Al wants $ 169.99 for an Eheim 2213 Plus Kit, $ 219.99 for the Eheim 2215 Plus and $289.99 for the Eheim 2217 Plus Kit. Pets & Ponds sells the same canister filters (in the same "kit form") for $109.99 for the Eheim 2213, $159.99 for the Eheim 2215 and $204.99 for the Eheim 2217). And remember that if your order with Pets & Ponds is over $200.00 in total, shipping is FREE.

As far "duty" is concerned, there isn't any Import Duty levied on products imported from the US any more (remember "Free Trade"???). You will be hit with a Brokerage Fee on most things crossing the border - that is levied by the brokerage house that does the paperwork for the Canadian Government to get your order through Customs, but it isn't "Duty".

So, if we could only get rid of our 10 months of winter and get a decent hockey franchise in Toronto, life would be grand on this side of the 49th parallel.

James Purchase

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