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[APD] Re: lighting temperature question

Thanks all for the advice. You know, once scott explained the white hot glowing block at 10,000 deg Kelvin...my early days as a BSc (later changed to BA engl. lit. for reasons I won't get into, and probably don't need to) all came back.

The issue is that in this small canadian town the only twin tube 13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs I can find are 2700 K (for 4.95 CAD). I've tried online for ages, and most is available only through the States for a bit more in American dollars...but it's the shipping that is killer. Plus god knows what the duty will be. Hence, I'll take what I can get here, and it seems that it won't make much difference in the end.

The tank is a soil tank that has been going well enough, barring some minor algae problems. I've decided to convert fully to the Walstad Method and place it by a window, etc.etc., and see how that goes, so the light should be ample.


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