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[APD] GE 45W screw in compact fluorescent.

I bought one of these things to play with; $20 at crappy tire.

They are massive things, look at them side by side with a 13W screwin:

And they are BRIGHT. They have roughly the same luminous output as
a 40 T12 tube, just in a different package. Getting that light somewhere
usfeull is a it of a challenge, it sure doesn't fit the fixture I use
for 13 tubes.


A large pendant or a batwing reflector would be better.

Four of these hanging on a tank in pendants might be kinds neat. There's a $125
125W version too it's longer and only available at hydroponics.com.

Also, in a compact fluorescent theme, there's an ad in TFH for
who sell aquarium CF lights and they seem pretty cheap to me. $45 for a strip
that holds two 65W tubes. They price is $4 higher on their website AND they're
sold out. They have other stuff though similarly priced.


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