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>My idea about Barley straw had nothing to do about it 
>being a supposed herbicide.
>I was speculating that it could be a nice steady organic 
>carbon source for aquatic plants, like Excel. But perhaps 
>BS would be more like peat/soil?
>If plants get carbon easy that means happy plants and 
>that means less algae, like Excel.
>// Daniel.

No, Excel is far removed from Barley Straw extract.
DOC/Humic acids versus the polycycloglutaracetal are two very different
You'll see why soon when I discuss DOC/POC this month.

There is little carbon that is available from BS to the plants, this would
be bacterial mediated(Bacteria would need to break the DOC down into CO2,
which would require substantial oxygen in order to yield substantial CO2).
The likely hood is slim these two things are related is very small.

Anyway, I have not found either to be an algicide certainly, perhaps a mild
subtle inhibitor.
Unless I see otherwise................which I have not.

If either worked as these claims made, mainly by aquarist, really worked,
why did I not see it?
Why do I still have hair algae, BBA and BGA growing after several weeks?

Even if I do not have a control, even if I have some weird thing in my
tank, if it works like folks want to believe and speculate...........

Why don't I see the effect on the treatment tank?

It's simple observations like this that make me wonder and causes me to
look for other much more plausible answers as to why and what we see.

Same deal with PO4, KNO3, traces, H2O2, copper, and other things. If PO4 =>
algae, where's my algae? Likewise,
if adding this(BS or Excel) at this concentration inhibits or other wise
reduces algae presence, where's my reduction? 

Tom Barr

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