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[APD] Re: Straw hehaw

My first posting, hello everyone!

T. Barr wrote
If you want something that works, that is non chemical, and you cannot have
plants added, I have solutions for that also.
There are many things you use in the tool box, but I think BS has gotten
more play than it deserves.

People report that Seachem Excel does have an effect on algae. Now that may be attributed to the carbon source in Excel, which makes me genuinely curious about the chemical compound. For my part I don't care if the nutrients are defined as "chemicals" or not. I don't have algae problems thanks to EI, and I know there are ways of dealing with them other than using BS and Excel, but that doesn't ease my curiosity.

From the information available on the internet, and the few papers that
non-biologists like me can read, I can't find anything that says BS doesn't work in the same way as Excel does. After all, I can't see that anyone really understand how any of them work? The active ingredient in Excel is, according to Seachem, "polycycloglutaracetal". A Google-search "polycycloglutaracetal -excel" returns no hits. A search on ISI Web of Science produces nothing. I can probably do very well without both Excel and BS, but that doesn't stop me from being inquisitive :-)

Best regards,

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