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[APD] RE: Non CO2

GW in a non CO(2 tank is relatively easy to deal with.
You can use a UV that will take care of it 100%.

Other things:
Water changes followed by a blackout.
Adding some more media to the filter.
3-4 day blackout(this is much less effective on a CO2 enriched high light
tank FYI)


A hagen quick Filter(or any 5micron sized filter). 

If you do the water change routine, it's important not to use the lighting
for at least a day or two afterwards.
GW loves CO2, high light.
Once induced via NH4, it becomes very tough to remove, but denying it CO2
and light will help.
If there is no light, then the water change adding fresh CO2 will not help
the GW and it will also reduce the physical amount.

You can do several water changes during a 3-4 day blackout. 

Add more plants thereafter and some fertilizers(KNO3 at least), about 1/8
teaspoon per 30 gal and some SeaChem Equilibrium.
This should help.

Tom Barr

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