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[APD] Alternate sources for Nano Tanks

Several weeks ago, someone was looking to buy a Nano Tank. I suggested that she look further afield than the nearest LFS, and to be open to the possibility of using a vessel not originally designed as an aquarium to do the same thing.

I just got back in from being on one of my "shopping binges", and came across several glass cubes in a trendy little shop which has recently opened in my neighborhood.. If you have a copy of Nature Aquarium World, Volume #2, what I found looks identical to the cover shot of a small ADA Cube Garden (the _really_ expensive ones, made of fused glass so that there are no seams").

A while back, I queried Jeff Senski (ADG) about the cost of the ADA one piece cubes. My e-mail in-box almost caught fire - the smallest one (10 cm on a side) would be around $1,500.00 US and the largest one (60 cm) would set me back "around" $2,800.00 US. Not to mention the 4 Samurai warriors I would need to guard them while in transit.

Ah well, another dream dashed!

The glass cubes I bought today are hand made in Poland, one piece, and as close to being optically perfect as any regular tank that I own. They aren't "lead crystal" so the glass won't leach out anything toxic. The cost for the 2 Liter size (13 cm in each dimension) was $25.00, while the smaller one, which holds 1.94 L (11.5 x 11.5 x 15 cm) was $24.00. That's in CANADIAN dollars, which are worth far less than US Dollars. Even with 15% tax, I feel like I got a bargain.

When the salesman was writing up my order, he mentioned "Oh by the way, we are having a sale right now - you get these for 25% off the sticker price".

The gods have been kind to me today - I feel so lucky that not even getting caught in a late April rain shower could dampen my spirits.

Needless to say, I bought every one he had in stock, and have asked him to order more for me. They would make the perfect container for a betta, or some small pencilfish. Once I get some glass covers cut for several, I'll have new homes for some of my killies too (I don't trust them not to jump out of any container they are placed into).

Don't get me wrong, they are probably NOT up to the standards of a real ADA Cube Garden, being that they are handmade in Poland and not in Japan, but when you have Architectural Digest tastes and only a Goodwill budget, they are more than good enough for me. ;-).

Again, I urge everyone to look around to see what is out there and available (this was in a chi-chi design store). You never know when you might uncover the Pot of Gold (or in this case, the perfect stand-in for an ADA Cube Garden).

Happy hunting!

James Purchase

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