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Re: [APD] RE: rocks'n'wood

>i dont think cedar is good for your tank, lakes around here that have
>lots of cedar rotting in them tend to be dead and support no life
>except for bugs and salamanders, i have never seen fish or plants
>growing in these lakes.  i dont know if you have the same cedar as we
>do as there are about 15 trees around the world called cedar and most
>of them arnt even from the same tribe let alone genus.
>i would be carefull with it tho, at least research the possible toxins
>or preservitives in the wood (our cedar has natural preservitives in

I've only ever used ceder root and have used it since I was a kid. Nothing
scary about it.

I need to take some pics of the stuff I've found, it's pretty cool. My
wife hasn't notice the back seat of the car is fairly trashed now though.


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