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[APD] Fleet Enema calculations

Dear all

I am just wanting to confirm these calculations with you regarding fleet
enema. I want to dose 2ppm of PO4 to my 100 liter tank using Fleet. As per
Art Giacosa's calculations he says I should be adding 1.5ml or 30 drops
assuming there are 20 drops in 1ml of liquid. Is this correct? Would 2ppm
PO4 be a bit on the highside or should I maintain this level? Thanks a
stack. Ok bye :)

Kind Regards
Cameron James

Hi Cameron,

Just to give more info, I'm basing myself off of John Fitch's comments on the APD: http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200401/msg00113.html where the company that made Fleet said PO4 concentration was 131.36 mg/ml.


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