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Re: [APD] setting up 160 gal plant tank

>Load the sucker
>with plants right off the bat, including some fastgrowing
>nutrient sponges like water sprite. You can remove this
>floating plant later but in the beginning it's great for
>ensuring against any ammonia in the water and lets you
>avoid tank cycling altogether.

One caveat: beware of emerse grown plants that need to drop their
emerse leaves and grow new submersed ones. Crypts for example. The
emerse grown ones from Tropical, while expensive will just keep
growing, but the ones from Oriental which are just cut off the
rhizome will shed a couple of leaves each. If you put a large
number of the latter in a tank you will have lethal ammonia
in short order from decaying leaves.

I find Amubulia and water sprite/mexican oak leaf very
forgicing and fairly foolproof.


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