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Re: [APD] setting up 160 gal plant tank

>question is .......should I stay with this VHO system and if so what 
>bulbs should I get?  

Compact fluorescent. VHO is hot, powwer hungry and expensive. Ballasts
are $100, tubes are scarce and pricey. Forget anything other than warm white.

IIn keeping with the theme of a cheap used tank (lucky bastard) I'd look
around in places that rescycles home/office furnishings. I was able to
find a dozen 80W (two 40W) CF units for $10 each. Even with 10 yr old warm
white bulbs they grow plants like nothing I've ever seen.

>Finally, what are the chances I can avoid  
>huge initial algae blooms with all that light?

Plant a LOT of fast growing plans. Ambulia and Mexican oak leaf/water sprite
are the best or this IMO.

But anything that grows an inch a day, and lots of it, will work.


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