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[APD] Nano Cube revisited

A few months back, I posted a question about getting inexpensive nano cubes.

James Purchase suggested looking for something unusual. (http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200503/msg00366.htm). I absolutely love that idea but don't have time to hunt at flea markets, consignment stores, and sales. So until I stumble upon that special vessel, I'm going to settle for a small acrylic tank. 

Russell Vance suggested his friend's online aquarium store for making a small custom tank. http://www.magnumreefsystems.com/store/agora.cgi?cartlink=nanos.htm (Sorry Russell, I never got around to pursuing that store.)

I also found another place that others on this list have used before, and have recommended.

These are two that I plan to order from glasscages. (Lid costs extra, but I want to grow plants emersed so I'm not getting them.)
  6x6x6  .. $10
  8x8x8 ... $12

Red Sea and Azoo make nano filters that are sold in most aquarium stores. The Red Sea on Bigalsonline.com is under $8.00.

For lighting, I'm going to use a small table-top work lamp from Ikea. The Azoo lamp colors are too gaudy for me. I use Ikea's "Espressivo" work lamp at home and really like it. It costs under $7. (If anyone knows a source for good clip-on lights that don't cost too much, please let me know.)

So, for under $30 at the max, I get exactly what I want -- something slightly bigger than the Azoo set-ups without the gaudy colors. Other stuff like gravel, turkey baster, and plants can be scavenged from your current aquarium and uh... the kitchen.

Here's the link to nano inspirations ...  :-)


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