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Weird, I also experienced the same thing, and I
believe the KH of the water was about 9, while GH was
around 10-12. I thought the whole in the leaves were
due to lack of nutrients, but my nitrates are pretty
high, and phosphate was way up there at one point. I
also supplemented with micronutrients rich with iron.

Do people add calcium/magnesium or sodium bicarbonate
to their water to adjust GH/KH?

>They don't insist on lots of GH but if your GH and KH
are less than
>about 4 or 5, then you might not have enough calcium,
>can show up as holes in the leaves.

That's an interesting note, can too much GH/KH cause
the same thing? 
Just curious as mine gets holes in the oldest leaves,
but my water is
about 250ppm hardness out of the tap.  Don't remember
KH, it's been
awhile since I tested, but it's up there as well.  I
don't have any
fish that would eat holes in the leaves.

Nick Ternes
Port Washington, WI
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