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Re: [APD] sand choices

Well, I take that back. For particular applications where
one needs to trowel and finish a very thin coat of
asphalted or cementitious concrete, a fine sand like the HD
play sand works well.

One drawback is that the bags are unnecessarily heavily due
to the high water content. Your fish won't mind but your
back might.


--- Vaughn Hopkins <hoppy1 at surewest_net> wrote:
> My Home Depot also has masonry sand, which is intended
> for mixing with 
> cement.  It is very clean and carbonate free, spec
> requirements for 
> such sand, and is only a couple of dollars a bag, as I
> recall.  Perhaps 
> it is coarser than playground sand?

It would almost have to be. The play sand HD sells in NJ is
very fine grain indeed -- good for sandcasting but not for
concrete mixing.


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