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Re: [APD] Ideal water conditions for Amazon Swords

Subject: RE: [APD] Ideal water conditions for Amazon Swords

> Barr will tell you these are uselss weeds that get tooo big
> and to some extent he'd right, but with the right trimming
> you can in effect "Bonsai" them and keep them small. THey
> like LOTS of iron and incandescent light. I can't explain the
> latter but I've noticed they do really well under it.

Richard, could I ask what kind of incandescent lighting you are
using and how far from the water's surface? Also am wondering
if Canada exacts a fine for wasting electricity:-) Long ago, umm
decades, I used a combo of grolux fluorescent lighting and clear
incandescents. Kinda miss how the plants and fish looked
under that lighting.....

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