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Re: [APD] Ideal water conditions for Amazon Swords

Down near Bonito, Brazil, swords grow in a riverbed of pure
calcium carbonate. So high GH/KH alone is not necessarily a
bad thing.

Scott H.
--- Nick Ternes <woodland_gardens at gmail.com> wrote:
> >They don't insist on lots of GH but if your GH and KH
> are less than
> >about 4 or 5, then you might not have enough calcium,
> which
> >can show up as holes in the leaves.
> That's an interesting note, can too much GH/KH cause the
> same thing? 
> Just curious as mine gets holes in the oldest leaves, but
> my water is
> about 250ppm hardness out of the tap.  Don't remember KH,
> it's been
> awhile since I tested, but it's up there as well.  I
> don't have any
> fish that would eat holes in the leaves.

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