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RE: [APD] sand choices

> I am hoping to just keep a small (10 sq inches) area open 
> near the front of the tank for a bubbling/dancing sand effect 
> I saw among last years AGA contest entries. This tank will be 
> designed w/ plant tank sales in mind (it's in a LFS) and 
> there may only be one species of fish (considering pearl 
> headstanders, or leaf fish, or killies, or a pair of african 
> butterflys, or angel pair, or pair of 
> moonlight/thick-lipped/sunset/flame/chocolate
> gouramis, or someother kind of unnusual eye catching
> fish) because it will be a sales focused tank the fish will 
> just be there to draw people in for a closer look and 
> willneedto either be large or dynamic in color/form. I wanted 
> to use a sand because I wanted to give the impression of a 
> super clean environment.
> There will be quite a bit of hardscape in this tank as 
> well... the layout I was considering was a stump/roots piece 
> of driftwood with a slice of sand coming out from the front 
> (for the sand effect mentioned earlier)with a stone 
> separating the sand from the fore-ground. The tank will have 
> mostly stem plants w/ a few crypts (in hidden soil pots) and 
> anubias for texture. I seriously doubt I will be using the 
> sand exclusively, and might even make an acrylic "pen" to 
> hold it...but any input will be helpful at this 
> point,especially regarding sand types and where to buy it :) Sandi

What's wrong with play sand from Home Depot?  It is usually fairly light
colored and already washed.


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