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[APD] Low Maintenance

Hello all,

I am going to be setting up a low light, no CO2, 10 gallon planted tank for myself pretty soon. I had to get rid of my 75 because I injured my knee and am looking at a 6 month recovery time. But I want to have a tank around the house, so something I am capable of doing a water change on is in order.

I was planning to go with a flourite substrate, but I just read the Tom Barr article where he talks about a low light no-CO2 system with organic matter (like leonardite) in the substrate, and thought that I could do that also. But I don't have any tanks currently, since I just got rid of my 75, so I don't have any mulm to add to the substrate. I was thinking of trying that bio-spira stuff to cycle the tank, but I'm guessing there is other bacteria in mulm that is beneficial.

Is added mulm a necessary part of the substrate, or will the leonardite still be beneficial even without the mulm?

AZ Burns

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