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[APD] Re: Jumping fish and the Menagerie Petshop in Toronto

I'm not really a fan of box stores, except for the fact that they often have a wide variety of gear and stuff that may be hit or miss in smaller shops. But for fish? Naw. I'm all about small neighbourhood shop for pretty much anything, and for fish I think the right ones would be far more trustworthy, as the Menagerie is. High school kids tend not to care or know as much as one would like.

Besides, I'm in Fredericton right now, and although we do have a (horrendous) box store, the one good shop has probably the same amount of tanks as the Menagerie, so I'm already used to small! They're variety, however, can sometimes be found wanting. What can you do in a tiny market...

Keep in mind though, it's
a small neighborhood petshop, not a huge fish place. The fish area
is quite small, 15' x 8' maybe and there are not hundreds of
tanks and they are not large. But you'll never see a "floater"
there, and if you look very carefully into each tank you'll see
things you probably havn't seen.

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