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[APD] non-CO2 medium planted 55G

Hi folks,

I have this Tanganyika tank setup that I wrote about some weeks back. It's 
got the beginning of a wall o'plants in the back -- thanks to suggestions 
here it's supported by eggcrate and is about 1/3 filled with water wisteria. 
(I'm growing out more wisteria to add.) I'd describe the tank as somewhere 
between lightly and moderately planted now, and it should be moderately 
planted when everything is in. (It won't be heavily planted because most of 
the floor will be taken up by lamprologus ocellatus.) Dosing with Excel. 
130W of light. No algae at the moment other than a little dust on the walls 
that gets wiped off once a week.

Suggestions on how to dose this puppy would be appreciated. I am dosing 
haphazardly now -- i.e. when I think that going another day or so could be a 
problem -- besides adding 5ml of Excel daily. I figure that haphazard dosing 
is ultimately going to get me in trouble.

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