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Re: [APD] Cyanobacteria

>But, I was surprised to learn that "Cyanobacteria are the oldest living 
>things on earth.  They may go back as many as three and a half billion 
>years.  Through photosynthesis, they gave us the oxygen we breathe."  So 
>think kindly of your BGA; you wouldn't be here if they weren't.

Sure, the procaryotics algae (BBA, BGA, staghorn) are not like
other algae which are, like you and I and dogs and cats and corn,
eucaryotic. There's other procaryptic organisms but these are the
ones we see (sometimes everyday!)

The "pro" in "procaryotic" means "prior" or "pre", that is "they
were here first". They may not be the first life forms to evolve
on earth but they're among them. At the time of their appearance
earth was a very different place and not much o2, but lots of c02;
procaryotic "plants" (algae) emerged and eventually made enough oxygen
to populate the planet and allow for the growth of eucaryotic
algae from which it's supposed all modern plants evolved.

At least that's my recollection from school. Anybody who went to
school in THIS century with please feel free to correct me :-)


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