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Re: [APD] Re: AAS Check Valve

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:

> I have a bubble counter with a built-in check valve at
> its base. Whenever I 
> opened the bubble counter to add water, capillary action
> inside the CO2 
> tubing siphoned water out of the aquarium. 

The weight of water in bubble counter, when it is open or
not attached the the aquarium, is probably not enough to
seal closed a check valve.

> So I added a
> second check valve 
> in the CO2 line. I used a plastic Tetra airline valve and
> it works fine.

> The JBJ combo unit includes a check valve, which I assume
> is at the base of 
> the bubble counter. The Milwaukee does not include a
> check valve, which 
> raises the question about the water from the bubble
> counter itself getting 
> into the regulator assembly. Except for that one
> 'feature' I'd be getting a 
> Milwaukee combo unit.

Interesting point, whether the Milwaukee unit will allow a
backflow of water when there is no pressure from the
regulator side of the check valve. Since the bubble counter
is located after the solenoid, backflow could only occur
when the solenoid is open *and* there is esesntially no
pressure on the regulator side of the unit.

I guess this means that one should not refill the bubble
counter when the solenoid is active and the CO2 tank
pressure is virtually zero. then again, the solenoid should
be turned off if the CO2 tank is empty.

But at Tom points out, check valves are inexpensive enough
that one can add one and not worry about the matter. 
Scott H.

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