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Re: [APD] AAS Check Valve

Thank you Douglas! Once again I forgot all about McMaster as a source of such parts. Google never seems to remember them either. Those valves are so cheap they are probably a better deal, even with shipping, than a reasonably reliable ball valve. I plan to put the check valve on the inlet to the bubble counter, a DIY unit, so it should only see the regulator outlet pressure at most, and the head of water above the reactor or about 2 psi or less almost all of the time. This check valve location protects the bubble counter from high pressure if the check valve cracking pressure goes up. That is probably the direction I will go now. Thanks again.

On Sunday, April 17, 2005, at 10:41 AM, Douglas Guynn wrote:

If you plan on keeping less than 15 psig on your system, go to
www.mcmaster.com and enter "diaphragm check" (no quotes) in the search box.
I would suggest the Nylon body with Viton Diaphragm #47245K18 for $5.85.

If you want to run more than 15 pisg, go to page 387 and choose either the
PVC Spring-Loaded Ball Check Valves (#7933K31) or the Spring-Loaded Ball
Check Valves with Barbed Connections (#6079T53 @ $3.56 or 7757K13 @ $3.23)

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