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Re: [APD] RE: why algae will not grow

You're right Tom, that with that much light, he really
needs to add CO2. But holding back on nutrients won't save
the day -- that'll just leave the plants beggars while the
algae continues to prosper.

The algae has to be cleaned up up no matter what else is
done. And if the tank is clean, then you don't have to be
afraid of nutrients. If it's not clean, then it needs to be

Regardless of ligting level, CO2 is a good addition if you
can afford the start-up costs for a compressed gas system
or don't mind the periodic hassle of a fermentation system.
Up near 3 watts per gallon of power compact lighting,
things will be very dicey without added CO2.

The nutrients I mentioned don't spark algae in my tanks. I
used to keep my non-CO2 tanks with much lower nutrients
than my CO2 tanks. But it can be easy to underfeed the
plants. Without CO2 added, a tank won't use up nutrients as
fast, other things being equal.

I think, basically, you want to add nutrients so long as
the plants keep responding. Try a little bit more each
week, until you find the results negligible.

Or better yet, test for phosphate and nitrate levels. If
you hang out in the 0.5-1.0 ppm neighborhood for phosphate
and 5-10ppm for nitrates, a clean tank will stay clean and
the plants won't weenie out on you.

Good luck, good fun,

--- Tom Wood <tomwood2 at flash_net> wrote:
> AS: "My tank is a 20 gallon with a 55W light kit from
> AHS.  The substrate 
> is Seachem Flourite and I use a biowheel filter.  ...  My
> problem is that I 
> always have lots of algae growing over the plants."
> SH: "My recommendation is to get dry chemicals
> (mono-potassium phoshate and 
> potassium nitrate) for the macronutrients and then also
> use a trace 
> (micronutrient) mix like Flourish or Tropica Master
> Grow."
> With that much light and now more nutrients about to be
> added, I'd say a 
> worse algae farm is on the way unless you add CO2.
> TW
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