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Re: [APD] RE: why algae will not grow

Of course, it doesn't mean everyone should go to there
tanks and just start pouring in ferts through a huge
funnel. And certainly not all accomplished aquatic
gardeners run high dosing regimens. However, I'll wager
that newbies' problems, whether algae or weak or dieing
plants, are more often due to a lack of one or more
nutrients than excesses.

This looks like a fantastic moment for me to jump in. *g* Newbie, lurker for several months. My tank is a 20 gallon with a 55W light kit from AHS. The substrate is Seachem Flourite and I use a biowheel filter. The fish are a big angel, a few leopard danios, and three otos. The plants are lots of elodea densa and something I don't know the name of, with narrow, 2-3" leaves. I do a 10% water change every other week; haven't tested pH or nitrates in ages though. This has been the setup for about a year now, though the elodea is only a few months old.

My problem is that I always have lots of algae growing over the plants. Long bright green clumpy thread stuff as well as dark green stuff that's like rough threads. Also, the plants don't look very good after the first few weeks. Also also, they don't want to stay in the substrate but end up drifting around the tank. (They look like they're sending down thin white rooting things, but they're not doing a very good job of holding on if that's what they are.)

Apparently I'm supposed to be adding fertilizers-- great, I can do that! Would somebody just tell me what and how often? Actual brand names would be ideal since this really isn't something I know a lot about. :)

Thanks bunches,
Aga Skotowski
Boston MA

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