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[APD] RE: pet stores in Toronto

The Menagerie Pet Shop
549 Parliament Street  (S of Bloor, E of Yonge)

A great little store for fish and generally cheaper than Big Als and sometimes WAY cheaper (like 1/2 price or more). It's does all pets but has a good fish selection and plants. Not a huge amount of plants/fish but a good selection of the rarer stuff you just don't see at Big Als. I've heard it's easy to order (and you can get just about anything) stuff there but I haven't done it myself as my tank has been fully stocked for a while, and I brought a bunch of stuff I'd never seen before anyway even without special ordering.

Nice mom & pop type store instead of the big store chains, crazy place to visit as it looks like a converted house. Last time I brought some Bamboo shrimp I had the store cat peering at my shrimp on the counter top (the cat was laying there beside the register) while I was paying for them :P


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