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Re: [APD] Columbian Tetra eats plants??

I have three in my heavily planted 75. Never had a problem with them eating
or bothering plants in any way.


Kevin Simms
Corpus Christi, TX

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Subject: [APD] Columbian Tetra eats plants??

> Hi!
>  I'm really excited about a big tetra called the blue-red Columbian tetra
> (Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis or columbianus). However, in reading a
> from a website on them it says, "They appreciate a well planted tank, but
> they will eat plants."
>  Sure, they appreciate it! They appreciate making a meal out of it!
>  Who has had them? What plants do they eat? Maybe this isn't true... (I
> hope)
>  Thanks!
>  Kevmo

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