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Re: [APD] Pumps -- or HYPEr drives

The term "mag-drive" is used in tow diff ways when
describing aquarium pumps.

Many of the larger pumps, like Iwakis and Genx and the
Pentair swimmng pool pumps have electric motors attached to
an impeller housing and the motor drives the impeller unit
either directly (the motor's rotor is the impeller's shaft)
or by a magnetic coupling (the motor's rotor sipns a magnet
which causes a magnet on the impeller shaft to spin,
thereby transmitting the rotor motion to the impeller).
This is conventional use of the term "mag-drive" in the
pump industry, which comprises much more than aquarium

Some small aquarium pumps, such as the Pentair Quiet Ones
and the Danner Manufacturing pumps named "Mag Drive" are
described as being "mag-drive" in design. However, they are
different in design. With these pumps, the motor and
impeller shaft are essentially integral; the motor rotor
*is* the impeller shaft. The rotor in these pumps uses
permanent magnets and the coils of the stator are sealed in
epoxy to keep them from getting wet. Following conventional
nomenclature, they are closer in design to direct drive
pumps than those with magnetic transmissions.

Grow plants, have fun,
Scott H.

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