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Re: [APD] Pump help

>>>I've used the Quiet One 800, 4000, 4000HH and the 5000 and the  design is 
diff when you get up above the 3000  model.<<<
I'm trying to find a pump that runs quiet and the "Quiet One 3000" would  
have been fine if the impeller  would have started back up after a power  outage.
I bought a Eheim pump thinking that it would run quiet and while I'm sure  
it's a good pump, it is anything but quiet.
I'm thinking of returning the Eheim and getting another pump but I  don't 
know what pump to try next I thought that the Eheim would be the top  off the 
What is the design difference between the "Quiet One 3000" and the  higher 
rated Quiet One pumps?
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