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[APD] RE: R/O Unit

I have a SpectraPure RO system which has been great (I have purchased their float valves, etc. also) but their units are expensive. Recently, I needed to replace my RO membrane and small pressure tank. For the cost of just a membrane from SpectraPure, I could purchase a 100 gpd unit from Aquasafe Canada. So, to save some money, I did so.

What I learned is you get what you pay for. There is nothing wrong with the Aquasafe unit but it is not built as robustly as SpectraPure's unit, did not have a pressure gauge which allows one to monitor the system, and did not have clear pre-filter housings. I ended up using my old SpectraPure membrane housing, etc. with the new Aquasafe membrane. The Aquasafe membrane gives 10 us higher reading than the previous SpectraPure membrane so the Aquasafe membrane is not performing quite as well either.

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