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[APD] Re: B-SS4 locking screw size?

>>>Does anyone know the size of the B-SS4 locking screw and where  to get a  
wrench for it on the weekend?<<<
I will answer my own question in case anyone else needs this  information.
If you have the Swagelok needle valve B-SS4 there is a small locking screw  
on it to prevent the valve handle from being turned once you have the correct  
bubble rate.
Swagelok states that this screw requires a 1/32 Allen wrench. I looked  all 
around Houston and on the web trying to find a 1/32 Allen wrench  without any 
I contacted the  Swagelok Product Compliance Group and here was  their 
""We appreciate your comments regarding the  1/32 hex head wrench.
The wrench can be obtained from  McMaster-Carr (_www.mcmaster.com_ 
(http://www.mcmaster.com/) ). The wrench to use is the  .035" size. The kit part number 
is 7158A4.""
1/32 converted is .031 but I purchased this  Allen wrench kit and the .035 
wrench works.

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