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[APD] Eriocaulon cinereum, crinum calamistratum, mosses

Does anyone have any hints on how to get eriocaulon cinereum or crinum 
calamistratum to multiply? These seem to be the only plants in the tank that 
are not multiplying.
 Also, can't find the latest TAG where I think this is covered so thought 
I'd ask here. I've read conflicting reports online concerning the effects of 
temperature on mosses. I've read that "Christmas moss "loses it's 
distinctive "fir tree" look at temperatures above 20 - 21C. I've also read 
that "micro moss" and "erect moss" prefer lower temps. On the other hand, 
I've read that none of these 3 mosses need lower temperatures to be happy. 
 I've got the ugliest fake ceramic driftwood (yes, I think the ceramic is 
fake, too) in the whole world but it was free. I'm intending to use it as a 
structure for supporting plants in an environment that will run around 23C, 
which is the reason for the moss question. Thinking annubias nana, mosses. 
Other suggestions most welcome.
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