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[APD] Re: excess

TB:" What are excesses? When does it become excessive?"

TW: "Hey, -you're- the science guy. But for me, it would be excessive at the point where there is no perceived benefit. At the point where the plants do well -and- algae is suppressed." ***EDIT: That should read BEYOND the point where...***

SH: "Doing well isn't an either-on-or-off thing -- so I think the question just comes back to how well is well enough? And that depends at least on how much growth and pruning you can enjoy in any given period."

Yeah, but that includes some other variables, like the amount of light. I like to run about 2WPG because it keeps things percolating along nicely without massive pruning and without the stress of the higher light balancing act. But somewhere in the mix of ferts is a place/range where the plants do well, given the amount of light, and the algae does not. For me, the ranges listed here work most of the time:


Except we seem to be creeping upward on the NO3 and PO4 numbers.


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