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[APD] Re: excess

TW: "Once there is 'enough' why does 'more' do any good?"

TB: "There is "enough" CO2 in non CO2 tanks to grow plant wells, so why add more?
There is "enough" light with 2w/gal, so why add more?
There is enough KH at one degree, why add more?
There is enough Ca and MG at 1 degree GH, why add more?
I addressed your question, now it's your turn to answer mine."

I guess what I meant was, if 'enough' is enough to grow plants, why does 'more' suppress algae?

TB:" What are excesses? When does it become excessive?"

Hey, -you're- the science guy. But for me, it would be excessive at the point where there is no perceived benefit. At the point where the plants do well -and- algae is suppressed.


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