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[APD] Dosing with Dry vs liquid fertilizers

I am still in the learning cycle for the latest information about planted aquaria. I will soon be setting up a 29 gallon, with 60 watts of fluorescent lights, and will use Eco Complete substrate, and pressurized CO2. Today I was researching thru old APD issues on the internet for comparisons between dosing with dry versus liquid fertilizers, and didn't find anything I could use. I do recall that some of you dose KNO3 as dry powder, but I don't remember anyone saying they dose all of their fertilizers that way. One person asked back in 2003 about dosing everything dry, but I didn't find where anyone answered him. So....who has opinions on this and do any of you dose everything as dry powder? If so, why? (I swear I am going to keep studying this subject until I feel like I know at least a little bit about the best techniques to try.)

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